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A small river named Duden flows by their place.

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      Nutriboom Ghavan Mix

      ‘Health requires healthy food.’ Madhavbaug Wellness brings you Nutriboom Ghavan Mix, a healthy breakfast option for the fitness lovers. Made with the goodness of Green gram dal, Bengal gram dal, Split black gram dal, Nutriboom Ghavan Mix is a savoury anytime food.
      Net weight - 250 gms (Makes 12 Chillas)

      Svitemblica Amla Khus


      Satisfy your feelings with a soothing taste of Svitemblica Amla Khus. Made from the vetiver grass (Khus), it acts as the best mind and body coolant. Svitemblica Khus Syrup is a dark green syrup with a sweet, woodsy flavour.

      Quantity : 880 gm

      Prosix Dosa

      Kick-start your day on a healthy note with our Prosix Dosa. It has key ingredients like Kidney beans, red rice, black gram, soybeans, oats, wheat bran, and dry ginger. Specially made for all fitness-freaks, this power-packed breakfast will keep you away from all the unnecessary calories.
      Quantity: 250 gms (Makes 12 Dosas)

      Pearly Protein Shampoo


      Are you worried about your hair health? Tried multiple products but still struggling to find the perfect product? Don’t worry; your search ends here. Our Pearly Protein Shampoo is what you need to have flawless and healthy hair. Its unique formula brings smoothness and shine to your hair.

      Quantity :

      Svitemblica Amla Lychee Syrup


      Healthy Juice is a perfect way to start your day! Svitemblica Amla Lychee Syrup is laced with the goodness of sweet Lychee and Amla. It is high on health and filled with nutrients like vitamins, iron, magnesium. It is low in calories and high in nutrients. Tasty. Organic. Healthy.

      Quantity : 880 gm

      Groundnut Oil


      Madhavbaug Wellness brings you freshly extracted cold-pressed groundnut oil. Our oil is made with fresh, unroasted peanuts. Madhavbaug Wellness groundnut oil is entirely free from chemicals, and hence the product is retained with complete nutrients that your family deserves.

      Quantity : 1 ltr

      Svitemblica Amla, Ginger, Lemon


      Restore your body with the goodness of Lemon, Ginger, and amla! Packed with great nutritional punch, Svitemblica Amla, Ginger, Lemon serves as a valuable natural medicine. This syrup offers an excellent tangy taste for complete refreshment with a perfect lemony hint. Just sip and feel the difference.

      Quantity : 880 gm

      Vegetable Cleanser – Apple Cider Vinegar

      260.00 200.00

      We clean our hands thoroughly before eating; we also clean our utensils before using them; then why not wash the fruits and vegetables before consuming them? Madhavbaug Wellness brings you Fruit and Vegetable cleanser, which safely removes germs, bacteria, chemicals, and waxes, making them fresh and healthy to consume. Clean right, and eat healthily!

      Quantity : 500 ml

      Immunity Booster Kit

      1,129.00 999.00

      You are getting following items in this offer

       Sr. No. Product Name Qty MRP
      1 Svitemblica Raw Amala Juice - Sugerfree 500gms  1 290
      2 Svitemblica Amla Ginger Lemon 880gms  1 299
      3 Svitemblica Amla Prash 250gms  1 280
      3 Golden Health Haldi 250gms  1 260

      Safflower Oil


      Safflower oil is extracted from beautiful looking yellow safflower flowers, a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids, including monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Cold-pressed safflower oil is safe cooking at high temperatures, fights inflammation, improves blood sugar levels, etc. Perfect oil for all health-conscious people.

      Quantity : 1 ltr

      This Affords a Sporty Position.

      Nor again is there anyone who loves or pursues or desires to obtain pain of itself, because it is pain, but because occasionally circumstances toil.
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      Kawasaki Vulcan C

      Maximum Power 61 Bhp @ 7,500 rpm
      Top Speed 168 kmph
      Ground Clearance 130 mm

      Triumph TIGER 1200

      Maximum Power 139 Bhp @ 9,350 rpm
      Top Speed 228 kmph
      Ground Clearance 168 mm

      Maneuverability And Lightness
      Triumph Speed Triple RS


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