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Mr. Vishwas Walawalkar

GM Madhavbaug Wellness

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He is a strength and conditioning coach and an exercise specialist having an experience of over couple of decades in this field. He has worked as a strength and conditioning specialist for National Cricket Academy (BCCI) and various Cricket assosciations. He was instrumental in getting Thailand Women Cricket Team qualified for the 2020 WomenWorld Cup for the first time in the history of Thailand Cricket. Being an experienced cricketer himself, Vishwas understands the need of science based sports fitness training in India. Along with several cricketers, he has been training national and international athletes from different sports like Badminton, Tennis, Golf, Skating, Swimming,Table Tennis, Marathon Runners, Soccer etc. His vision and multidimensional skills are responsible in making exercise science help not only athletes but also the general population and the people with various medical conditioins. 

He has developed disease specific exercise protocols which are objective oriented and result driven aiming to improve the specific altered parameters and improve the quality and the quantity of life.

Madhavbaug Wellness

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All the Exercise Plans are served on mibPulse App only. This App is compatible for all Android phones only.

Madhavbaug Wellness

Care Plans


Diabetes Care Plan

This is a 3 month comprehensive fitness program to help reduce the excess sugar from the blood. This is based on scientific principles and is aligned with the guidelines of the American Diabetes Association. This program is a combination of Strength Training, Cardio and Objective oriented Yoga sessions.

The features of this program are are as follows: –

  • Home Based Effective Programs
  • Tracking Through MIB Pulse App
  • Time Convenience
  • Help reduce Extra sugar from the body


Heart Care Plan

This is a 3 month comprehensive fitness program to make your cardiac muscle (Heart) stronger and work efficiently. The cardio session is a combination of High Intensity Interval Training Program and Zumba which will improve your Cardiorespiratory fitness. Strength training and Yoga will help reduce your cholesterol levels and make your heart function better. 

The features of this program are as follows: –  

  • Stronger Heart
  • Helps Reduce bad Cholesterol
  • Decreases Blood Pressure as a Long Time Benefit
  • Home Based Effective Programs


This is a 3 month comprehensive fitness program to help you get rid of the excess fat in your body. The program is a combination of Strength training, Cardio and Yoga. These will drastically have an impact on your fat reduction, improve muscle mass over fat mass and increase BMR which in turn improves the quality of life.

The features of this program are as follows:-

  • Help Reduce Excess Fat
  • More Muscle Mass = Faster Metabolism
  • Toned Body
  • Home Based Effective Programs


Knee Care Plan

Knee health is important in all walks of life. May it be walking, climbing stairs or even sitting. This makes it important to be painfree and have a good control for a efficient life. Our 3 month Knee Care Plan focuses on strengthening the entire chain; right from the lumbar spine to your ankle. It is a comprehensive plan focusing on strength, stability, flexibility, mobility, balance and gait pattern.

The features of this program are as follows:-

  • Help Reduce Knee Pain
  • Help Develop more Stability at Knee Joint
  • Stronger Muscle = Less Load on Knee Joint
  • Correct walking patterns
  • Home Based Effective Programs

Shoulder Care Plan

Shoulder is a complex joint formed from 4 different joints and the structures around it work together for a functional aim free movement. A good balance between the spine and shoulder is required for smooth and painfree movements. The 3 month Shoulder Care Plan is a combination of spinal mobility, shoulder mobility, strength, stability and functional movements.

The features of this program are as follows:-

  • Pain Free Movement at the shoulder
  • More Stability at Shoulder Joint
  • Improves Scapulo- Humeral Rhythm
  • Improves Joint’s Functional Range