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Diabetes Kit 2

1,599.00 1,549.00

You are getting following items in this offer

 Sr. No.Product NameQtyMRP
1Madhavshakti Atta - 2kg 1350
2Svitemblica Amla Juice - 500ml 1290
3Neem Powder: Pure and Healthy - 100gms 179
4Golden Health Haldi - 250gms 1260
5Sesame Oil - 1ltr 1620

Svitemblica Lemongrass Amla


Svitemblica is a blend of lemongrass and amla. This healthy syrup of anti-oxidant rich ingredients helps strengthen the immune system, help fight cancer, and aids in proper digestion. Its pleasant taste will instantly refresh you!

Quantity : 880gms

Slim Fit – Apple Cider Vinegar

Experience multiple health benefits with Madhavbaug’s Apple Cider Vinegar. Made from fresh apples, this helps in weight loss, reduce cholesterol, lowers blood sugar levels, etc.
Quantity : 500 ml

Digy-smooth Moong Daliya


Start your morning with a healthy breakfast. Madhavbaug Wellness Moong Daliya Mix is made of a healthy combination of green gram dal, daliya, and wheat bran.

It is specially made to boost your energy levels and save you from potentially eating something unhealthy.

Net weight - 250 gms (Makes 12 Servings)

Lentigrain Idli Mix


Kick-start your day with our healthy Idli Mix that keeps you feeling full longer and curb the untimely hunger pangs.

Combined with boiled rice, lentil, black gram dal, barley, and fenugreek seeds, Madhavbaug Wellness Idli Mix is a healthy breakfast option for the health-conscious.

Net weight – 250 gms (12 Medium Sized Idlis)

Pearly Protein Shampoo


Are you worried about your hair health? Tried multiple products but still struggling to find the perfect product? Don’t worry; your search ends here. Our Pearly Protein Shampoo is what you need to have flawless and healthy hair. Its unique formula brings smoothness and shine to your hair.

Quantity : 100 gms

Powerplus Muthiya Mix


Break the unhealthy eating habits with Powerplus Muthiya Mix. Enriched with ashwagandha, green gram, lentils, wheat bran, sorghum, this Mithiya Mix is a perfect balance of taste and health.

Quantity : 250 g (Makes 30 Servings)

Nutriboom Ghavan Mix

‘Health requires healthy food.’ Madhavbaug Wellness brings you Nutriboom Ghavan Mix, a healthy breakfast option for the fitness lovers. Made with the goodness of Green gram dal, Bengal gram dal, Split black gram dal, Nutriboom Ghavan Mix is a savoury anytime food.
Net weight - 250 gms (Makes 12 Chillas)

Multipro Soya Dhokla


Multipro Soya Dhokla Mix is an excellent alternative to regular breakfast. Enriched with soya, a great source of protein contains all the essential nutrients required to maintain good health. This nutritional powerhouse is all you need to start your day.

Quantity : 250 g (Makes 30 Servings)

Svitemblica Amla Musli


Filled with high fiber content, Svitemblica Amla Musli has a fruity taste enriched with vitamins and L-Carnitine. Suitable for any time of the day and all age groups. Quench your cravings with this healthy drink.

Quantity : 880 gm

Groundnut Oil


Madhavbaug Wellness brings you freshly extracted cold-pressed groundnut oil. Our oil is made with fresh, unroasted peanuts. Madhavbaug Wellness groundnut oil is entirely free from chemicals, and hence the product is retained with complete nutrients that your family deserves.

Quantity : 1 ltr

Healthy Cookies Offer

1,040.00 799.00

You are getting following items in this offer

 Sr. No.Product NameQtyMRPValue
1 Vigo Crunck Cookies / Healthy Crunch Cookies 1 240240
2 CardiFlax Cookies 2280560
3 Gluten free cookies - Smiley Me Cookies 1240240

Whitening Gel


Madhavbaug Wellness Whitening Gel is enriched with pronalen bearberry extract and carbomer 940, which hydrates your skin and makes it super smooth and non-sticky. This Whitening Gel is everything you need to keep your skin healthy and fresh. Relax and unwind with Madhavbaug Wellness Whitening Gel.

Quantity : 100 gms

Svitemblica Amla Juice


Enjoy the pure juice extract of fresh amla! Being pioneers in amla juice manufacturing, Sviremblica Amla Juice is the perfect remedy for curing multiple ailments at a time. A healthy drink for a happy life.

Quantity : 500 ml

Sesame Oil


Looking for a tasty yet nutritious oil variant to meet your cooking needs perfectly suits your lifestyle? Try our cold-pressed sesame oil, which is extracted from premium quality sesame seeds. It helps to maintain a healthy heart and normal cholesterol levels. Its nutritious value and excellent flavors make it a perfect option for cooking.

Quantity : 1 ltr

Aloe Vera Moisturizer


Get feather-like skin with Madhavbaug Wellness Aloe Vera Moisturizer. A perfect moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin that keeps your face nourished, hydrated, and, most importantly, glowing! Filled with the goodness of aloe vera extract, jojoba oil, and glycerin, this is the perfect pick for your skin. Feel beautiful. Everyday!

Quantity : 100 gms

Vegetable Cleanser – Apple Cider Vinegar

260.00 200.00

We clean our hands thoroughly before eating; we also clean our utensils before using them; then why not wash the fruits and vegetables before consuming them? Madhavbaug Wellness brings you Fruit and Vegetable cleanser, which safely removes germs, bacteria, chemicals, and waxes, making them fresh and healthy to consume. Clean right, and eat healthily!

Quantity : 500 ml

Svitemblica Amla Prash


With the goodness of Amla pulp and sugar, Svitemblica Amla Prash is beneficial for your overall health. It gives you the energy to carry out vigorous activities and double the immunity. Svitemblica Amla Prash is for your entire family. Loved by kids and youth. What are you thinking then? Grab Svitemblica Amla Prash and get ready to fight any time of illness.

Quantity : 250 gm

Saffron Haldi Cream


Delight in a flawless and glowing skin with Saffron Haldi Cream. This cream is bestowed with natural cleaning and hydrating abilities, eliminating impurities from your skin, making it radiant and clear. Pamper your skin with Saffron Haldi Cream - Because you’re worth it!

Quantity : 100 gms

Diabetes Kit 1

979.00 949.00

You are getting following items in this offer

 Sr. No.Product NameQtyMRP
1Madhavshakti Atta - 2kg 1350
2Svitemblica Amla Juice - 500ml 1290
3Neem Powder: Pure and Healthy - 100gms 179
4Golden Health Haldi - 250gms 1260

Acidity Relief Kit

1,545.00 1,449.00

You are getting following items in this offer

 Sr. No.Product NameQtyMRP
1Svitemblica Gulkand - 450gms 1480
2Digy-smooth Moong Daliya - 250gms 2360
3Svitemblica Amla Khus - 880gms 1290
4Chef’s Secret – Apple Cider Vinegar - 500ml 1415

CardiFlax Cookies


It is often said that cookies make the world a better place. Well, there's no denying that cookies are the simplest way to cheer you up whether you are facing the #MondayBlues or relaxing on the weekends, a cookie is the best thing to munch on- Anywhere, Anytime. Would you like to have cookies that have a punch of taste and health?

We bring you Madhavbaug Wellness CardiFlax cookies! Now, treat your sweet tooth without compromising on your health.

Quantity: 250gm | 1 Box (12 pieces)

Smiley Me Cookies


Made in completely gluten free atmosphere, without any risk of cross contamination. Multigrain: This is real multigrain Gluten free Cookie for those who suffer from gluten intolerance and even for our non celiac patients. Who said biscuits couldn’t be healthy? Try our ‘Smiley Me’ biscuits rich in fiber and proteins. Try one, and the cravings won’t stop! Enjoy a perfect punch of taste and health.

Quantity : 250gm | 1 Box (12 pieces)

Madhavshakti Atta

Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) is member of grass family. In Ayurveda Barley is also known as is an ancient cereal as well as ideal for madhumeha Yava has kashaya, madhura  rasa, ruksha,  laghu  guna  with shita  virya  and  katu vipaka as per Ayurvedic pharmacodynamics.
Net weight – 2 kg

Glow Gorgeous Kit

1,221.00 1,149.00

You are getting following items in this offer

 Sr. No.Product NameQtyMRP
1Pearly Protein Shampoo - 100gms 1152
2Foot Care Cream - 100gms 1192
3Aloe Vera Moisturizer - 100gms 1149
4Whitening Gel - 100gms 1210
5Nital Cream - 100gms 1279
6Saffron Haldi Cream - 100gms 1239

Neem Powder: Pure and Healthy


Neem leaves are one of the most common elements used in Ayurvedic remedies because of its benefits. Our herbal neem powder is 100% natural and offers benefits like detoxifies the blood, healthy digestive and respiratory system, healthy circulation, etc.

Quantity : 100 gm

Coconut Oil


Extracted from freshly harvested coconuts, our cold-pressed coconut oil is 100% natural and pure. Our coconut oil is manufactured specifically through a meticulous no-heat process and hence all vital nutrients are preserved with the flavour of real coconuts. Cold-pressed coconut oil is rich in Vitamin E which helps to improve immunity, manage weight, boosts energy.

Quantity : 1 ltr

Safflower Oil


Safflower oil is extracted from beautiful looking yellow safflower flowers, a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids, including monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Cold-pressed safflower oil is safe cooking at high temperatures, fights inflammation, improves blood sugar levels, etc. Perfect oil for all health-conscious people.

Quantity : 1 ltr

Mustard Oil


Experience the pure taste of mustard seeds through our 100% natural cold-pressed mustard oil. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, this oil can be consumed by adults and kids to lead a healthy life. Mustard oil stimulates hair growth, promotes heart health, protects against infection, and much more.

Quantity : 1 ltr

Vigo Crunch Cookies


Looking for healthier and better alternatives to regular cookies? Try our Multigrain biscuits made of six super healthy ingredients - Wheat Flour (Atta), Nachni (Ragi) Flour, Rice Flour, Oatmeal, Cornmeal, Powdered Sugar, Lightened Bakery Shortening, Milk Powder, Custard Powder, Glucose Powder, Raising Agents [E 500 (ii), E 503(ii)], Iodized Salt, Cardamom Powder, Nutmeg Powder. These cookies are high on nutritional value and small on guilt.

Quantity : 250gm | 1 Box (12 pieces)

Golden Health Haldi

Golden Health Haldi is all-natural and contains no pesticides or additives. Haldi, considered a medicinal herb, helps boost your immune system and is rich in anti-oxidants. This Haldi is more yellow in colour, delicate aroma, and has more nutrients
Net weight – 250 gms

Foot Care Cream


Your feet need care too! Madhavbaug Wellness brings you foot cream that repairs and softens cracked heels. Filled with the goodness of Neem, Nilgiri, and Haldi, this cream deeply moisturizes your feet making them super soft.

Quantity : 100 gms

Diabetes Kit 3

1,724.00 1,699.00

You are getting following items in this offer

 Sr. No.Product NameQtyMRP
1Madhavshakti Atta - 2kg 1350
2Chef’s Secret – Apple Cider Vinegar - 500ml 1415
3Sesame Oil - 1ltr 1620
4Golden Health Haldi - 250gms 1260
5Neem Powder: Pure and Healthy - 100gms 179

Svitemblica Amla Lychee Syrup


Healthy Juice is a perfect way to start your day! Svitemblica Amla Lychee Syrup is laced with the goodness of sweet Lychee and Amla. It is high on health and filled with nutrients like vitamins, iron, magnesium. It is low in calories and high in nutrients. Tasty. Organic. Healthy.

Quantity : 880 gm

Prosix Dosa

Kick-start your day on a healthy note with our Prosix Dosa. It has key ingredients like Kidney beans, red rice, black gram, soybeans, oats, wheat bran, and dry ginger. Specially made for all fitness-freaks, this power-packed breakfast will keep you away from all the unnecessary calories.
Quantity: 250 gms (Makes 12 Dosas)

Svitemblica Gulkand


Bored with taking desserts and drinks in the same way? Spruce up your drinks or desserts with Svitemblica Gulkand. Its delightful sugar rush and pleasant taste will transform your dish beyond imagination. Oh, and it's healthy too! We have enough reasons to try our Gulkand and improve your health.

Quantity : 450 gms

Nital Cream


Rose has always played an essential role in spreading beauty. Madhavbaug’s Nital cream encapsulates the essence of roses and Haldi and help to get that perfect glow!

Quantity : 100 gms

Weight Loss Kit

5,129.00 2,999.00

You are getting following items in this offer

 Sr. No.Product NameQtyMRP
1Digy-Smooth Moong Daliya - 250gms 4180
2Slim Fit – Apple Cider Vinegar - 500gms 1499
3Svitemblica Amla Juice - 500ml 1290
4Prosix Dosa - 250gms 4250
5Sesame Oil - 910gms 1620

InstaHealth Thalipeeth Mix


When your life is hectic, eating healthy does not have to be compromised. InstaHealth Thalipeeth Mix is rich in dietary fiber which provides a myriad number of health benefits. Enjoy this healthy breakfast and get the energy to carry you throughout the day.

Quantity : 250 g (6 medium-sized Thalipeeths)

Chef’s Secret – Apple Cider Vinegar


We always look out for that special ingredient that makes the meal unique. Bailey’s Apple Cider Vinegar is made from crushed organic apples grown in the Himalayas. This product is perfect for seasoning and marination of meat and fish.

Quantity : 500 ml


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